Our Story

Muse & Market circa 2016

Muse & Market circa 2016


HUmble beginnings…

… is the best way to describe how Muse & Market came to life. A project that began in late 2016 from idea conception to opening its’ doors in late 2018. Alongside M&M’s restaurant lives a new boutique office space development called The Marilyn. The project not only renovated the building that was originally built in 1976, but re-adapted its’ use in hopes of revitalizing the Thomas corridor in lower Arcadia. Keeping in mind modern lifestyles and a sustainable future, architecture firm Lightvox Studio designed the restaurant to best utilize its’ intimate interior space and outdoor environment to include thoughtful details such as easy walkable and bike friendly patio access from Thomas Road. So whether you’re familiar with the area or never been, you’ll see in the details and design where we’ve put our energy with every detail in mind to create something quite special for the community to truly enjoy and be a part of.

Muse & Market and Laura Pich in 2018

Muse & Market and Laura Pich in 2018


investing in the future…

… is how I explain why, where, and how I started Muse & Market. I have been a local and living within five miles of this location for years before considering it as the future site of this passion project. I knew then that trying to spearhead a goal of revitalizing the neighborhood with such a different concept than its’ neighbors were used to was a lofty goal, but if I didn’t start now then who would… and when?

If there’s one thing I could say about our experience thus far having been open for just a few months, it’s that we are ever evolving. We’ve listened to our community and have made genuine efforts to find our place in the neighborhood by improving our menu, service style, operational hours, etc and it’s been a fascinating process. Having said that, it’s through finding ourselves in this process that we feel incredibly excited about all of the new plans we have in store coming in January as it will not only be the start of a new year but the time for us to embrace more of our culinary roots that include Khmer recipes passed down to me from my mother. Our family is humbled by the interest of our community in traditional Cambodian cuisine and we hope you enjoy having an authentic experience that offers all of the flavors without all of the travel.

Investing in the future doesn’t stop with the restaurant and what it offers though because it starts with the people who are a part of it day in and day out. Supporting a team full of young and talented people with so much potential from all walks of life and providing them with what they need to succeed and the opportunity to shine is my greatest responsibility to them and to our guests. I think you’ll find as much as I have that their genuine kindness and sense of family are the roots that make everything else easy to love.

So with love in mind, I want to thank you ahead of time for giving us an opportunity for your patronage and leave the door open for you to share your experiences with me. Feel free to contact me directly via email at Laura@museandmarket.com - Good? Bad? Suggestions? Maybe you’re in the restaurant right now and want to drop me a note about your experience… go for it!

Thank You!